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<br />We received this pen you can see in many of the webstie with the promotion of various different materials, and this is the pattern in the pen we have a plastic barrel with a variety of transparent, it seems very nice and feels very smooth, and good feedback from our customers. Tonglu Huifeng Stationery Co., Ltd. is located in the Fenshui pen manufacturing center Tonglu, which is 90km from the group it, and 60km from Lake Qiandaohu a famous place of interest, and the traffic is very convenient with this site is good. Occupied Tonglu Huifeng Stationery Co., Ltd. 1500 square meters, and his name former is Tonglu Zefeng pen factory, which was founded in 1999 it changed to Huifeng Tonglu Stationery Co., Ltd., a company in 2008. A company specialized in the production of high quality Huifeng the ball from the penalty spot, and the combination of design and research, production and sale. There are hundreds of products for your choice and meet your demands. Huifeng has the same R & D team, and can also make products according to your design. We firmly believe that we will be better partners what you have with these advantages: excellent quality, attractive price, stable delivery date, and the best service, and that this client cause cooperated with us Huifeng company has already obtained certificate ISO9001, was entitled to participate In import and export. Our products export to the United States and the United Kingdom, India, Taiwan and Hong Kong among others, has a good reputation from overseas. Huifeng keen on the activity of public interest, and help the children to return to drop out of school, and do contribute to the community with the actions We are a company Huifeng sincerely look forward to be a partner of the business world

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