Snacks Food Equipment ---- double screw extruder


<br />Snacks for Food Equipment<br />A series of double-screw extruder consist of feeding system, extruding system, cutting system, heating system, lubrication and control system<br /><br />Feeding system, extruding system and cutting system all adopt frequency conversion timing for the engine is strong and stable performance, and provide electricity.<br /><br />Automatic lubrication and cooling forced make sure that the lead extruder using safely and extends life.<br /><br />Designed feeding system of the screw extruder and single or double, according to a variety of materials to ensure the feed neutral, stable, and reliable<br /><br />Snacks are made from food, equipment bolts and alloys processed by special technology to have a high density, scratch-resistant and longer using life.<br /><br />Snacks and food equipment by means of designing different structures and slenderness rations according to the needs of products, the system can screw extrusion technology to meet the requirements of different<br />Snacks and food technology teacher equipment<br />Model AFC-PH-I<br />48kw Force SFOR<br />Main motor power 30kw<br />Output 200kg h<br />Size 3500 50 850mm

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