Solenoid valves


<br />Shenzhen Yaxin specializes in industry research and development, and sales of a linear solenoid push the clouds, linear drag-and-pay for the screw closure, Swing Rotary Solenoids, electrical, pumps and solenoid valves solenoid.<br /><br />Solenoid products to our global reputation for quality and accuracy.<br /><br />Yaxin now based in Shenzhen, China, with the history of expansion as follows<br /><br />In 2004, Shenzhen was established Yaxin Electric Manufacturing Co., Ltd..<br />In 2005, was created Hong Kong Electric Co., Ltd. Yaxin devices.<br />In 2006, Shanghai Branch was set up.<br />The year 2007, been the formation of Yaxin Manufacturing America Corp.<br />2008, KASwing created.<br />Over the past years, and the integration of advanced technology space, and technology, electromagnetic, and has developed Yaxin power many types of solenoids the payment of the written and or pull solenoids, close spiral, swing helical rotary, electrical, and solenoids palpitations, with the framework of C, D framework and the tubular shape, etc.. Solenoids are used in our automate a variety of industrial sectors. Solenoid carries a lot of products M CB IEC UL ROHS certificate.<br /><br />During development, Yaxin electrical strictly implement the guidelines of modern management in ISO 900114000 and TS16949, etc..<br /><br />Quick response, accuracy creative., With the quality of savings, service is our philosophy. Our company to support and boost common development and the sharing of the profits. We are keen to meet the each friends in the the inside and abroad, He expected the Results the future of relations responsible business and mutually beneficial.

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