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<br />1.The design of this model is from one of our customers in Holand.So appearance is unique too, it's our patented design. 2.We use a magnetic switch for each type of transformation is boat.This waterproof.For each switch, we used the allocation of the main keys.One half speed 40 god 50km, are used to one another to get a higher speed 90-100km h 3.For each engine, there system.When protect the over-temperature heat engine is more than 95 degrees, it will shut down automatically to protect the engine itself.So engine life we have to work is longer than usual. We are the only company that owns this technology in the Chinese brands. 4.Whatever to the wire, and a generator, storage, and the performance of the water are very good, much better than most other manufacturers. 5.The quanlity of the body tonic, firberglass we have is the best in comparison with brands.Even Chinese famous brand, Yamaha or Seydou, we will not have structures timid. 6.The Suzuki's engine we use, is 4 stroke, 1400CC.It very famous for its energy efficient.It only consumes gasoline 13L e.

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