Spot lamp


<br />1, the light spot LED is the most environmentally friendly and energy saving, and life expectancy preferably optical products, electronic product by using high-power LED light source, color temperature range 2700K, 10000K, color optional is the red, yellow, blue, green, white and purple, and white with warm, not lighting effect can be achieved by full 60lm W, and can be interchangeable with the regular incandescent light bulbs.<br /><br />2, and choose the radiator outside the 6063 aluminum, and it reduces body heat effectively through the professional design of the blade gap, spot lamp life is 10 times more than incandescent bulbs.<br /><br />3, which depends on the strength of the current drive continuously at home, with a short circuit, open circuit, and temperature protection, which are made to be a circle of isolation, safe and reliable.<br /><br />4, do not contain mercury and other harmful substances, no UV light, without flash, protect your eyes, your eyes and not so easy to be eye fatigue, no noise, and ensure that the use of comfort and safety.

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