Sprayed concrete machine spz-5


<br />Sprayed concrete machine SPZ-5<br /><br />Can not automatically add the mixed material waterstircontinuous transfer accelerator add fluid and jet fuel using the machine. SPZ-5 is one of the most perfect bolting, shotcreting machine and endorsed by both internal and also need to point out the machine we have the issue of reducing the rate reflected, and the reduction of coal dust, and the provision of raw materials. Spray concrete structure and the adoption of advanced approaches, especially in the design of the cabin materials, rubber tube and vortex. The ability to deal with the wet material is much improved. In addition, it can prolong the service life of the worn part. And applied widely in the field of Foundation Engineering mineculvertsupported architecture and the slope of the riverbed.<br /><br />Operating principle:<br /><br />Workers load evenly mixed material to the hopper of the instigator. After opening the ball from the value of irrigation system, such material is provided in the spray raised concrete. When the project was forced through a pipe delivery of materials mixed stirred plane was sprayed on the surface. Is raised from mixing nozzle with an agent that accelerated fluid under pressure from the accelerator pump to achieve the objective of consolidating quickly.

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