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<br />Product: stainless steel neglected 1.color: different 2.material: stainless steel 3.condition: 4.port New: Shanghai, Ningbo has been on the characteristics of products, mechanical and wear resistance of stainless steel neglected much improved from the traditional steel tube. Therefore, the performance of corrosion resistance is self-evident, and the magnetic insulation is also well known, the performance of health is more reliable. All of these features significantly reduce the intensity of work in the installation of the cylinder. Used on a large scale stainless steel rollers in food factories, sugar, salt, alkali plant, and the acid plant and other environments with corrosive materials and gases, and all kinds of magnetite. The company We are located at the foot of Mount Tiantai beautiful, Tiantai County, Hongchou Town - known as the 'base adhesive in China. "We are specialized in the manufacture of transport equipment of high quality such as zombies, and pulleys, belt conveyors. Our company enjoys high reputation in this business line. We have been certified by ISO9001: 2008 quality management system

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