Stand alone scrambler


<br />Outline:<br />JXDH-6602 which supports the DVB standard is important in the digital broadcasting system. It is integrated with the country assistance strategy for<br />Management program to achieve the payment.<br /><br />Feature:<br /> Adopting the latest technology in the world.<br /> DVB 3.0 standard.<br /> DVB scramble a particular program or transport stream.<br /> Provide different CW for more than 32 services, and increase service as easily as needed.<br /> Alone or scramble any sound installation, video and data separately.<br /> Compatible with many other CAS, and support the 4 CAS simulcrypt.<br /> Update CAS and Information Unit by AC EIS<br /> SPTS input support and MPTS.<br /> The form of a package 204188 program: the auto industry to adapt to the job.<br /> Support EMM ECM and the inclusion of the data stream.<br /> Advanced function optimal EMM, and the reduction of bandwidth longer.<br /> The initiative process in an effective manner and information relating to SI CAS, PCR observation.<br /> Monitoring the bit stream function internally.<br /> Ports, two input and output ports, two, and realize the value of repetition of the ports.<br /> The operator interface Chinese English<br /> Compliance with HTTPS, can be controlled by Internet Explorer browser.<br /> Support a central portal and remote areas in real-time monitoring of the transport stream.<br /> A program to support online update.<br /> Support TCP, the Democratic Unionist Party IP.

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