Steel castings ball milling


<br />orging steel grinding balls<br />1 Size: Dia 20MM-150mm<br />2 Hardness: 55-65 HRC<br />3 the chemical composition: C: 0,48-0,52 Si: 0.17 to 0.37 Mn: 0,6-1,2 S & P 0.035<br /><br />2. Chrome cast iron balls.<br />1 chrome cast iron balls high<br />Size: 20MM-120mm; Hardness: HRC58-65; Chrome content: 11-28<br />2 East chrome casting balls<br />Size: 20MM-120mm; chromium content; hardness HRC50: 7-10<br />3 chrome cast iron balls a few<br />Size: 20MM-120mm; Hardness: HRC45-55; Chrome content: 1.5 to 3.0.<br />2. Can be a negotiable price, according to the details of the quantity, packaging, and the time is not designed to pay, etc..

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