Steel shot


<br />Cast steel shot<br />It includes ten species, such as s780, s660, S550, s460, s390, and s330, s280, S230, s170, S110<br /><br />Product induction:<br />Blast cleaning of cast steel shot: Used to blast cleaning, casting and die-casting, forging, sand removal of casting, steel plate, H type steel, steel structure.<br />Remove rust fire cast steel: Remove rust, casting, forging, steel plate, H type steel, steel structure, descaling of forging.<br />Shot peening shot of cast steel: peening Shot of gear, and heat treatment, and:. Shot blasting of Steel Coil, board ships, and steel of the Council, Article steel, Shot blasting of steel board, profile steel structure steel, and.<br />Pre-treatment of cast steel shot: Pre-treatment of surface, steel board, profile steel, structural steel, before painting.<br />Killed string type of steel is mainly used to fire the following equipment, including rotary barrel machine blasting fire, machine bombing, pedrail type shot machine bombing, passthrough fire machine bombing, and the type of table-fire machine bombing, hanging chain and a stack of type machine Shot criticized , vehicle killed type machine bombing, abrator, equipment abrator, shot machine peening, shot equipment peening, sandblasting machine, sandblasting equipment and steel production process line material, and steel production process line panel, and steel production process line structure.<br />Chemical Composition:<br />C-1: 0.70 0.2 Mn :0.35 -10.2 C: 0.4 S: 0.05<br />P: 0.05<br />Hardness: Standard: 40-50 HRC<br />SPECIAL :52-56 HRC<br />Special: 56-60 HRC<br />Durability: 2000-2800 Times

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