Steel tile


<br />Product feature of color glazed tiles we have:<br /><br /><br /><br />1, and waste-INTP treasure, and green materials, light weight, high strength, does not distort<br /><br /><br /><br />2, water proofness, and anti-corrosion, and flame retardation heat preservation, good, sound and thermal insulation.<br /><br /><br /><br />3, the products can be nailed Processible,, drilling, and re-<br /><br /><br /><br />And can be bonded 4, decor, decorative materials to the various<br /><br /><br /><br />5, easy and quick installation, simple operation<br /><br /><br /><br />6, a variety of colors and fast<br /><br /><br /><br />7, durables, most of the service life of 25 years

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