supply 600*600 mm Auto Metel Ceiling Panel Production Line


Nomi capacity: 600 KN Nominal capacity of main cylinder: 400 KN Nominal capacity of lower cylinder: 200 KN Stroke of main cylinder: 400mm Stroke of lower cylinder: 190mm Fast down speed of main cylinder: 200mm/s Feeding speed of main cylinder:23mm/s Return speed of main sylinder: 220 mm/s Ejection speed of lower cylinder: 110mm/s Stroke of rnockout: 130mm/s Ejection force of stripping cylinder: 10KN Bolster area (L.R X F.B) : 900mm X 800mm Open height(L.S X L.B): 270mm X670mm Main cylinder oil pressure: 21 Mpa Lower cylinder oil: 21 Mpa Motor power: 7.5 KW Please feel free to contact us for further specifications!

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