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<br />Was named the company and the International Bee Jay-Jay, who is in Coimbatore, Tamilnadu, India. The company was established in 1999, which is dedicated to export of knitted garments. We have all the necessary infrastructure and personnel are capable and effective, it has extensive experience in the maintenance of international quality and delivery of a sharp and fast.<br />Under the scope of the production of products with T.Shirts sleeves of white and colored, printed or plain, beaded, short and long term. In polo shirts, plain, colored, printeds designs and embroidered, schema, cars, crew necks, cutting and sewing the ball and scepter, coordinated sets, and printed Pyjama sets for women of normal hoodies, men and children's clothing<br />Fabric is used: all kinds of knitted fabrics such as one<br />Jersey, Jacquard, wool and cotton, all 100 cotton and blended. Orders are executed in accordance with the requirements of customers.

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