Tapes led lamp


<br />A classification of color and symbol<br />Red RD yellow YE in blue BU Green GN White W warm white WW full color RGB<br />2, and the spacing between the lamp bead<br />Lamp bead spacing voltage power per meter<br />352,830 meters in a lamp 1M 12V DC 2.4W<br />352,860 meters in a lamp 1M 12V DC 4.8W<br />505,030 meters in a lamp 1M 12V DC 7.2W<br />505,060 meters in a lamp 1M 24V DC 14.4W<br />505,030 meters in a lamp 1M 12V DC 7.2W colored series<br />505,060 meters in a lamp 1M 24V DC 14.4W colored series<br />3, 3300K color temperature in the following, known as the temperature is warm. Color temperature of 3300K - 6000K for the center, the so-called neutral color temperature. Color temperature more than 6000K, the color of bluish light, known as the color temperature of the cold.<br />4 Category process,<br />1, NK --- bare board internal<br />B, Bo --- Epoxy water, half-naked down the Board of silicone, a complex process a bit<br />C, PC --- Cover in open air to water, and the Council of bare silicon tube flexible set of water<br />D, PU PC Epoxy Hardcover everything, outdoor water complex environmental work<br />5 Features<br />Easy ornament soft and flexible, especially in the clothing dry and dead, such as designing a circular irregular for decoration<br />Imported lamp with 3M adhesive stickers on both sides on the back, and sleeves with a series lock parts, ease of installation and long life products, and low power consumption<br />6, for the environment<br />City planner, and lighting buildings, signs and wall advertising, Accessories Holiday Birth landscapes <br />B, irregular-design body hotel club KTV places such as the ribbed walls, ceilings low and groove design lines <br />C, the home of the groove edge of the dark box, bar, and the Council of Ministers and the wine, closet, TV cabinet <br />D, the beauty of the car the body, and vehicle <br />7, and the use and care:<br />1, and the product is a constant current low voltage 12V, 12V low voltage or purchase, please accept adapter power supply switch,<br />B, installation and tear the back of the product for double-sided adhesive can be in a place open for use;<br />C, RGB full color series, please buy a matching remote control RGB controller is easy to color which can set the color white or full regression of the remote control, jump and change the color of the rate of change <br />And d is recommended, regular use of this product at the same time, and when used side by side, and the length of connection does not exceed 5 meters, so that the brightness lead the effort is not enough;<br />8, the packaging<br />1, the cardboard packaging standard of 20 volumes, each meter 5.

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