TG fan turbine 600


<br />TG-600 which are used in industry and general stores.<br />Qatar ball and 750mm throat diameter is 600mm.<br /> Three types of materials they are made of: a stainless steel, B vanes stainless steel and other sheet galvanized, C vanes aluminum others galvanized.<br />Can be designed 3.We other sizes according to your demands.<br />4.We ensure that the turbine propellers have for 15 years.<br />Letters and advantages of ventilation does not force TG<br />1. Theory of her operation<br />Ventilation Nopower we do not need electric power instead of driving easily vanes turbine's ratate by Nassim nature or the temperature difference between inside and outside so as to make correct functioning without the is a real process and energy savings products without the noise and pollution., So they can save energy electrical and a lot of work for users in order to reduce the cost of production is clearly, to improve the work surrounding the workshop, to raise the work efficiency even to enhance the quality of their products.<br />2. The material<br />Ventilation is Nopower our stainless steel and full maintenance is not necessary any longer and be anti-base, acid and anti-corrosion by investing in a one-time only.<br />Are set up ventilation Nopower TG bearings imported from America developed, which can not be guaranteed for 15 years.<br />3. Values of ventilation Nopwer<br />A. And can be exhausted hot air, and gas from waste, dust and harmful gases other at the same time can be fresh air in the open air comes in the workshop and to improve the surrouding work, to make workers more active and to increase the benefits of the company.<br />B. Reduction of production costs for users. Because the ventilation Nopower belongs to our products that do not require electrical power and other uses in the life time after a long period of investment only once, to a large extent, they can reduce the cost of products to end users.

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