The ceiling light


<br />Key Specifications Special Features:<br /><br />High density<br />Low power consumption<br />Long life<br />Voltage drop in the process of 12V AC<br />Available for all colors<br />Easy processing<br />And leads MR16 light source light ceiling and lighting, so that it can be used with current lamp sockets MR16<br />Ceiling light has a high intensity LED type using super and colors can be warm and egg white, red, yellow, blue and green colors, and other<br />Suitable for:<br />Entertainment lighting<br />Architectural lighting<br />City of Beauty<br />Landscaping and lighting<br />Furniture Decor<br />Indoor lighting<br />Light of other sources<br />The amount of color is part of the number of lamps PCS<br />Color temperature wavelength, the type K nm, luminous flow LM<br />L-CLW6AA12R: warm white 12 3, 000K 20.8<br />L-CLWAA12R: White 12 8, 000K 18.4<br />L-CLBAA12R: blue 12 470nm 3.6<br />L-CLGAA12R: Green 12 525nm 16.2<br />L-CLYAA12R: yellow 12 590nm 7.2<br />L-CLRAA12R: red 12 624nm 7.4

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