The fiber optic light


<br />Colored fiber optic lights changing, and decorated your living room, so you have different feelings<br />Vibration of the lights that light-emitting fiber optic home decoration lamp sky full of stars<br />Use: the latest high-tech research and development products, and fiber optic lights, and the light from the lamp holder and the composition of the fibers, and the use of optical fiber can guide light of the principle of dynamic light becomes colored. It's like a flashing star in the sky 1 Elimination can be the same bloom sparkle fireworks. Can be bright: red, blue, green, and mix, very good-looking. This product is a 3 5, battery-powered, and this product does not contain batteries. Is very convenient to use, and switch points, third gear, respectively, as follows: open, shaking, Guan. Jewelry at affordable prices is a light, is the best gift to give friends. Is a good bar room decorations

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