Thermal Printer Panel A9


<br />Thermal printer, receipt printer, POS printer is very silent through the direct printing method of high-speed thermal printing 50mmsec, on the basis of 25 character at high speed and low power consumption option support 3.3V low voltage power system to support 3.5V-9V best performance at 7.2 8.5V Serial RS-232C, TTL interface interface parallel to the abundance of figure curves characters printed paper easier job this Item Direct Print Specifications Thermal line printing paper from the paper sheet function detect the end of the sensor load method easy to view and download a paper sheet 57 mm print Showing 48 ration decision point 8 mm mm 384 dots line life of the print head 6 lines of 06 character printing speed 50mmsec when the character is the proportion of 25 6x8dots personal, 8x16dots , Chinese or12x24dots personal library GB2312, 16x16dots, or24x24dots dimension schema WxHxD mm after installing 84mmx98mmx57mm WxH mm 78mmx92mm inlaid paper 54mm depth supplied thermal paper roll 57mm Serial nterface wide, 50mm RS-232C, TTL parallel input energy and the interface DC 5V 3.5V-9V, 15W DC, 3A Operating temperature 5 C 50 C Storage temperature -20 C 60 Operating humidity C 10 C 80 C Storage humidity 10 C 90 C

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