Titanium dioxide


<br />Specifications of titanium dioxide structure 1.Rutile 2.Compact, stable activity 3.Optical small 4.Good weather resistance 5.High blackout Rutile titanium dioxide NR950 Molecular formula: TiO2 Molecular weight: 79.9 characters No products are toxic and chemically stable. And coated surfaces of the product with a narrow organic compounds or inorganic, and thus it has some features, such as pigment performance is excellent, good hiding power, color reduction of high strength and good dispersion. Quality standards: Q320 NTH 03-2009 amendment ISO591-1: 2000 Product Description Titanium dioxide distinctive condition of the content by mass 90.0 minutes volatile matter in the 105 C at the point of admission by mass maximum. 0.75 substances insoluble in water by mass. Max remains at 0.3 45m sieve by mass. 0.05 Max Colour L Min 95.0 strength dispersion minimum 100 girls from the aqueous suspension of 6.5 8.0 g of oil absorption value 100G max 23 resistance of the aqueous extract, &branded;. M. 50 minutes of content rutile. 98 minutes Type Rutile general purpose applications, applies to materials and PVC plastic pipe line, paint, and making paper, ink, master batch and so on. Can be classified this series of products according to the characteristics of organic compounds coating. NR 950A is suitable for the hydrophobic system, NR 950B system is suitable for amphiphilic, and NR950C system is suitable for water.

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