Titanium dioxide


<br /> Formula: TiO2<br /><br />No . :1317-80-2<br /><br />: Anatas Rutile titanium dioxide and titanium dioxide<br /><br />4.Appearance: white powder<br /><br />: White powder, insoluble in water, soluble in strong acid and hot concentrated alkali, and after a good chemical stability, and has a strong power color-blind, covering power, with excellent properties of pigment.<br /><br />6.Details Description:<br /><br />Titanium Dioxide Anatase Type: content ---------------- 98Min,<br />Color strength Redusing --------------------------------- 100Min,<br />Oil, and absorption g 100G ---------------------------- 26 max,<br />PH value 6.5 -------------------------------------------- -8.0,<br />45 sieve residue important --------------------------------- 0.1Max,<br />Water-soluble materials --------------------------------- 0.5Max,<br />Volatile materials 105D -------------------------------- 0.40Max<br /><br />6.Uses: used widely as coloring rubber, and to prevent cracking; resisitng UV and so on.<br /><br />7.Packing: in 25kg per bag<br /><br />8.Application: ISO9001, ISO14001

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