Toilet paper machine


<br />Function and character:<br />1. Machine with international advanced PLC programmable controlling technical frequency converter, limiting device, and electronic brake and man-machine interface operation table. He won in the multiple functions of this device is growing in favor and credit among the users through the practical deep.<br />2. Under the European standards CE design, issued a CE certificate, and certificate of CE UL or Electric Parts and with safety device, and the like, and safety, guard station, emergency door, and so on.<br />3. Are addressed specifically by most of the numerical control machine, and the main parts are under mechanical processing using the computer, while the most important parts of outsourcing is the world famous brand.<br /><br />4. Automated link the basic unit roll without basic nutrition manual; edge of automotive trim, spray glue and seal simultaneously at the same time, which take place in the popular technique of trimming, and gluing the edge of the tail as well as cars and drive of the final products after coiling.<br />5. Control system on paper break or rupture under the edge of the high-speed operation of the equipment; Jumbo system to control the tension roll; pneumatic lift Jumbo Roll;<br />6. Together we can work with color printing, and machine wrap or glue laminating unit for the production of kitchen towel.<br /><br />The main technical parameter:<br />1. Machine model: 10921575 1760220025002800;<br />2. View mm: 135017501900215024502750;<br />3. Finished products Diameter mm: 60 150 can be adjustable intensity<br />4. Finished products, internal diameter mm: 32 50 mm<br />5. Jumbo roll diameter mm: 1200 other sizes can be ordered<br />6. Jumbo roll diameter of the Interior: 3 ", 76.2 mm Other Sizes can be ordered<br />7. After the hole mm: 4 code, 90 160mm; 2 code, 180 320mm;<br />8. Production speed: 180 200mmin<br />9. Embossing unit: one engraving, embossing, double embossing steel to steel;<br /><br />10. Felt roller, roller and ball rubber sheet, and: etching the bottom of the cylinder<br />11. Jumbo roll stand: 1-3 will sail in fjpeixin com

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