Toyota and the second


<br />Included all type of Toyota made after 2000 and Lexus reading the code, clear code, and the flow of data, and test work and guard against theft and job creation. And it also supports OBD-II.<br />This is the latest implementation of the previous inspection of the Toyota and Lexus. Support the diagnosis of each system that begin after 1992.<br />DENSO Diagnostic Tester 2 DST 2 for Toyota and Lexus vehicles enables you to diagnose electronic control systems for engines, ABS, Air Bags, and even through the CAN-diagnosis communication<br /><br />CHARACTER<br />1. Touch screen and once again control the lighting<br />2. Fast and easy<br />3. The user need not worry about the after service since factory has an open patio for maintenance.<br />Product List<br />The second examiner - 1 PC<br /> - 1 PC<br />3. Power supply - 1 PC<br />4.Lan cable - 1 PC<br />Leads to multimeter1 - 1 PC<br />Leads to multimeter1 - 2 PC

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