Triple mosaic tile Polish


<br />Product Summary:<br />1. Custom designs and sizes available<br />2. Seems noble, elegant, and a fine<br />3. Can be used as appropriate for the resident's house, hotel, villa, bars and cafes, as well as for other types of decorations, such as banks, statue, wall paintings and decorations, furniture and so on<br />4. Material: glass shell,<br />5. Series Color: pure color series, mixed color, gradually changing pattern string, and any other colors according to customer requirements and designs<br />6. Size: standard size or according to customers requirements<br />7. Surface finishing: polish, honed, tumbled, Antique, etc<br />8. Specifications: 300x300mmsheet<br />9. A small piece: 20x20mm, 25x25mm, 48x48mm, 25x32mm, or any sizes<br />10. Thickness: 4mm,, 6MM 5mm, and etc. 7MM 8MM,<br />11. Mosaic Packing: paper bag, and the protection of the film, a wooden crate<br />12. Variety of packaging: 12pcsctn, 18kgsSqm, 63 ctns cage 0.1200 kg cage<br />13. Minimum order quantity: 50 square meters<br />14. Lead time: 9 days<br />15. Port of loading: Guangzhou,

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