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<br />This is the shirt that everyone is talking about - the sound activated equalizer with adjustable sensitivity Walk into a bar, disco or nightclub with this shirt on and the bars on the equalizer jump up and down to music in real time How cool The inclusion of only 4 AAA battery and carry the battery box on your belt buckle. Features: 1: a flash of light-up t-shirt, no harm to your eyes or the environment. 2: audio sensing technology, it can light up with any noise, sound or music. 3: Frequency sensitive, and the introduction of adjustable size. 4: built in source of strength for the separation after 5: You can have custom designs and sizes. 6: easy to attract people's attention, and make the party more interesting. T-Shirts of the details: 1: Material: 100 cotton or materials required by the customers. 2: Style: men who have children, women, and style. 3: Sizes from XS to XXXL. 4: colors: black, white, pink and blue colors and various for your choice. EL Inverter: 1: use batteries or 2AA batteries AAAA 2: Type: Sound active 5, the flashing 10, the flashing, the function of Wi-Fi. Plates EL 1: the presence of more than200 models and can make your own designs. 2: you can see the excellent media flashing, vivid picture, from a distance. 3: the safety of the environment, damage to the eyes of the people. Delivery time :5-7workday application: night clubs, concerts, parties, and collection of the festival, using this shirt, and will help you get more opportunity to attract the attention of others. Accept small orders, we will offer a reasonable price and good quality for you.

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