UHMWPE 1000 paper


<br />Description of paper UHMWPE: Ultra high molecular weight UHMW is often referred to as polyethylene toughest world polymer.Reinforced high molecular weight polythene Council is a type of plastic heat, which combines the properties to take advantage of all types of plastic, and is characterized by the excellence of research and clothing bearing tea, and impact resistance, chemical corrosion, self-lubricating, and work against low temperatures, being low in the loss of corrosion, light weight, and the absorption of energy, anti-aging, and prevent the accumulation of inhibitory fueling static electricity. Used widely in the lining of the interior of the house of the coal thermal power plants, coal mines and factories, coke, etc., in a warehouse of raw materials for cement plants, steel mills and aluminum plants, and the hermitage of the food industry, feed industry and pharmaceuticals as well as the hopper on the docks. Benefits: 1. Non-toxic, odorless 2. Low coefficient of friction 3. Resistance to corrosion 4. Abrasion and impact resistance 5. Weather anti-aging and anti-6. Self-lubricating 7. Wear resistant 8. Great liner material for industrial material handling applications 9. UV resistant UV resistance of the sheet 10. High operating temperature 11. High tensile strength 12. High viscosity 13. Flame retardants 14. Recycling the application: 1 Chemical Engineering. Corrosion and wear of mechanical parts resistantance 2 thermal energy. Dealing with coal, and coal storage, and storage lining waterfall 3 processing coal: Panel sieve, filter, U-underground waterfall coal 4 Concrete: Cement raw and finished product lining silo granary 5: Mining food store or a waterfall liner 6: Panel sieve, chute liners, wear anti-correlation part 7 the food industry. Star-shaped wheel, the transmission timing of the bottle screw, guide bearings, rollers, guides, slides, blocks and other type of paintings 8.Some rubber fender and the front face of the barrier rubber quality certificate: ISO9001: 2000

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