<br />SA Under-series high-quality mat has a high transparency, and excellent performance of the dispersion and high efficiency.<br /><br />We manufacture of chemical products, such as matting agent, dyes complext metals and paint additives.<br /><br />Detailed Product Description<br />Features:<br />1 Profile:<br />A flatting efficiency optimization, the process of pore precisely controlled to ensure<br />Volume of 1.8ml g for the performance of fixed<br />B easy and added in the production of paint, can be added easily<br />In any process<br />C high-resolution film: a very high purity 99 SiO2 and<br />Above, and the refractive index of 1.46 is similar to most of the resins.<br />It makes silica invisible in polymer films and lacquers and clear<br />D optimized Comment: There are no hard sedimentation through long-term custodial<br />Since being handled by the organic<br />E Well dispersed: easily dispersed in a paint, and require only<br />Common high sped by raising 5M approximate line speed s, and stirring<br />15 to 20 minutes, a typical value hegman 15 - 25m<br />2 Applications:<br />A Advanced furniture coatings<br />B general industrial coatings<br />C paint and other decorative<br />D a thin coating, such as synthetic leather and natural, and decoration<br />Materials<br />3 the main reference:<br />A SiO2 content: minimum 99.<br />B Oil absorption g100g: 260<br />C the average particle size: Measurement of centrifuge: 2 microns<br />D a measure of the laser: 4micron<br />E Loss of ignition: 4<br />F the value of PH 5 aqueous suspension: 6-7<br />G Surface treatment: organic wax<br /><br />CAUTION:<br />Although usually can not be damaged in the process of flatting grain dispersion<br />Due to grind "excess", it may reduce the flatting effect and increase<br />The viscosity of ball milled in the event of a three-reel him or milled for a long time.

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