United Kingdom-style glossy white tower wall display for jewelry silver


<br />LED materials lacquered white with woood, glass with a high energy color of the light of this main color is white, slim very fair d appeareace modern tower an exhibition with 3 rooms and down the storage, lacquered white with glass and LED light to change, windw glass on all sides, three shelves and one , LOGO print silk. Lighting has 4-6 pcs high power LED light in each shelf, and on the LED light can make the production of the offer to have the equipment looking.the baeutiful of the LED light is exported from a foreign country, and the high life ang quanity long, it can also be changed and install and can be very easy when you want to change the report them.we suplply UL and Rosh cretificate. A powerful package design package design for free with the new style wooden, and the emergence of means of transport beatiful ocean transport name jewelry exhibition toewe, DM1206L the use of market supply large jewelery market in a foreign country

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