Units Plastic Conveyor Belt


<br />Item No.: HS-502A<br />Belt pitch: 25mm<br />Open Area: 0<br />Statement: FDA<br />Collection method: plastic rod<br />Standard Rod: 5mm<br />Disinfectants: applicable<br />Stainless steel and Rob link: Application<br />Air: No<br />Guard side: no<br />Curve: no<br /><br />Industry are applicable: Corrugated Board industry, food, rubber tires, automotive, packaging, logistics, airport, and textiles, electronics, etc..<br /><br />For a highly efficient, modular belt contains FDA grade, anti-corrosion, durable, washable, and resistance to high temperatures and low -80 -180 and so on advantages. Long life and repair at least be in a direction, rather than that of conventional conveyor belt more and more.<br /><br />Advantages:<br />1. Penetrating three-dimensional feed<br />2. Hot and cold working under water<br />3. Nutrition steadily under water<br />4. More than 10 times the longevity of the tradition of the conveyor belt<br />5. Fir's -80 -180 range.<br />6. Leave away from the pollution, and raise the level of quality<br />7. Easy to clean<br />8. Energy efficiency

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