Universal high-speed three-page circular knitting machine wool


<br />Product Specifications: Item diameter measuring speed Feeder YCSF3 26 "-38" 12G-36G-78F t 160f Product Features 16-24r.pm: with 5 cams design track, and improve the stability of the device, and production and quality, it can knit studs, Knit The French wool, and related products can be coherent also in sportswear, suit, dress warming, etc. can use the camera's gravity specail to adjust the length of wool yarn, this model can be equipped with many types of cameras and replacement of spare parts to resort to high-speed machine Track 4 shirt one. It is equipped with a new devoloped the case of the gear range of 120 winder.Gear cloth in the center without deviation, and the process is the focus of smooth.Principal equipped with a clutch of tensility. It will slide automatically when tensility very strong without the damage.easy floating or needle, good resistance to corrosion, and low noise level.

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