Unpressurized solar water heaters, domestic


<br />Solar water heater CE and ISO<br /><br />We offer solar water heater, solar water heaters, solar water heater, energy, thermal solar collectors, collector, hot water and solar energy, solar panels and all types of cutting solar energy.<br />Advantages:<br />1. Can work completely automatic if connect with intelligent controller.<br />2. Simple structure, easy plug-in installed, and can be installed both on a flat surface, and miles, and can be used with electrical assistance for the strengthening of water supply a child under the sun.<br />3. Superior heat preservation ensured by one-off molding polyurethane foam with 65mm thickness of 50.<br />4. Area suitable for camping, holiday homes.<br />5. Stable and reliable performance, as well as wind resistance.<br />6. Meet the standard of human Spa: articles from the internal tank is SUS304-2B stainless steel plate, silica gel ring sealing has a long life against any erosion and they are not harmful to health.<br /><br />materails:<br />Tank mm: 460 outer<br />And tube: 47 150058 1800 high efficient tube<br />Frame: cold rolled steel sheet<br />Article: Interior tank: stainless steel SUB304-2B food, 0.31mm, outer tank: 0.31mm titanium fluorine, and isolation: 55MM polyurethane foam, the banner of Al refective<br />Specifications of vacuum tube<br />Structure of each glass concentric dual tube Engineering,<br />Article borosllicate 3,3 Glass<br />Characteristics of absorptive coating<br />Grade structure con AL - NX AL absorptive coating solar selective<br />Method of reaction sputtering deposition, DC<br />Emissivity coefficient of absorption of 97 3<br />Stagnation temperature 250-270 C<br />Working lives of at least 15 years

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