Upright Cake cooler display CP-400


<br />Commodities: upright refrigerator cake display, vertical refrigerator and supply of refrigerated display case. Model: CP-400 Size: 650 650 1860mm temperature :4-10 Volt: 220110V Frequency: 50HZ Power: 450W radiator: R134 Capacity: 400L Features: 1, and an attractive modern design to suit any site. 2, and finished in silver or gold trim. 3, a double and float glass on both sides, and the door to clear display. 4, fluorescent lamps will enhance the product for display. 5, subject to section 6, four shelves with all the cabinet 7, stop the periodic automatic on the shelves when the door opened 8, an area of large display to display the maximum output 9, the cooling system is standard frost free 10, the temperature 4 degrees C 1011 C, voltage 220V or 110V. CNN. Single-phase 12, refrigerant R134

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