UPVC 500 double wall corrugated pipe extrusion line


<br />1. Qatar is:<br />ID160-500 Qatar can be made according to specific customer requirements.<br /><br />2. SBG-500 Introduction to Line<br />Double wall corrugated pipe has applicaion variaty in the world at the present time. In order to meet the demand of plastic market, HUASU company design and development of this extrusion UPVC double wall corrugated pipe line by absorbing advanced technology from foreign countries plastic machinery industry. And adopted a complete line of human-machine control system and interface. Makes a high degree of automatic, and production output and a great stable become a reality. Counting efficiency of 2 screw extruders and one with the ability to throwing high in this line. There is a special design co-extrusion molds made by alloy steel for the manufacture of UPVC pipes with large diameter corrugated. Can be designed with a double spiral of excellent quality alloy steel of the templates to meet all production requirements. And adopted the corrugator structure with horizontal transmission of the type series, and the apparent cooling water system and vacuumizing configuration, which confirmed the very rapid cooling, and high output in the production process. Professionally designed and a fine of auxiliary equipment that make the operation a complete line steadily.<br /><br />3. Parameter of the main technical<br /><br /><br />Name of the form dimension<br />LWH mm Total power kw Weight<br />Kg<br />Extruder SJSZ92 6000x1400x2390 200 max 8500<br />Mould blocks<br />SBZG160 OD 2000x370<br />50 max 2000<br />SBZG200 OD 2400x465 2600<br />SBZG250 OD 2800<br />SBZG315 OD 3000<br />SBZG400 OD 2400x620 3500<br />SBZG500 OD 2400x700 4000<br />Corrugator SBCJ500 4600x2120x2180 50 max 10000<br />Cut QG6030 4252x2100x2400 7.5 3600<br />Billing machine SGK500 8725x2600x2100 28 6000

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