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<br />Light intelligent has designed our product research and development independent of the light LED neon smart XH-ZL10W for underground parking and a long time or up to 24 hours of continuous lighting in place, when there is a light when not lit, and when the silence when no light power W 2.5 out of small and light which can be taken to meet the monitoring, and when the sound on the whole the equivalent density of 40W T8 lamp in the light, and energy consumption an average of about 4-5W. Energy consumption is fluorescent only 110, energy saving lamp 14, fluorescent energy saving rate of an average of 90, and life in more than 5 million man-hours, is 10 times more than ordinary lamp, almost maintenance free, should not that the replacement is always the lamp, ballast, and the problems start, using the method most simple to change the lamp, and the installation will replace the fluorescent lamps LED original off and brake and remove the start, it can be 220V that the AC and added directly to the LED light on both sides. Human design, can meet the requirements of the parking of the guests, but also significantly reduce costs and electricity 1 000 for 3 years lamp can save about 80 million million. The following are the main characteristics of my Secretary of the LED lamp with the use of a wide current range of fluorescent T8-40W compared the advantages and disadvantages, see. Leading source of green light cool a semiconductor-based light source, light and soft power, spectrum of pure, not radiation, giving a sense of visual cool, not a writer or ballast, so start fast, low power, no flash, it is not easy visual fatigue, and eye protection for the benefit of workers, and physical health, and helps to focus and improve efficiency. It is not the only great power of more environmentally friendly energy. Is a national green products, energy efficient lighting developed by one of the key, is to replace the traditional fluorescent lamp of the main products. . Graph product: . Advantages of fluorescent lamps LED: 1 Energy. White LED fluorescent energy consumption is only 110, energy saving lamp 14. 2 intelligent light: the use of patented intelligent circuit dimming, light emitting efficiency and brightness and the use of more intelligent than the needs of the auto-tuning, and savings from the regular fluorescent lamps more than 90. 3. Super brightness. Super bright LED light source, power supply with high-efficiency, and the strength of the same 10 times the brightness of incandescent;. 4 long life. Long life, up to 50,000 hours or more, is 50 times more than traditional incandescent light. Take full advantage of the efficiency of lamp light full, and good heat lamp beads chip SMD high thermal conductivity of aluminum plate the structure of heat for the best combination of aluminum enclosure, fully guarantee the environment light optimization, and beads of light, and beaded lamp is still a bad low light and long life. 5. Green. No mercury, lead and other elements of pollution, the pollution of the environment. The LED lamps can be easily assembled components assembly and disassembly, recycling manufacturers do not have to go through the recycling of other people. 6 Safety: Low voltage, safe and reliable. Impact resistance, anti-Li Lijiang, in the ultraviolet UV and infrared IR. 7. Voltage range and wide around the world. 85V 264VAC voltage range fully fixed, to ensure the life and brightness from the vagaries of power supply 0.8 pollution reduction of losses line on the grid, power factor 0.9, THD 20, EMI achieve the global targets to reduce the line power supply and power loss to avoid contamination of the network electricity from high frequency interference;. 9 installation of a simple common standard lamp can be a direct replacement for existing halogen, incandescent, fluorescent. Can be without ballast and beginners, do not install the switch or the remote control a significant reduction in engineering and maintenance costs. In short: It is clear, as long as the cost of LED lights with LED technology continues to improve, and less than that. Certainly, energy-saving LED lights and incandescent bulbs replaced. Compared with light sources of conventional, LED white light LED, in particular in the field of public lighting and energy saving potential advantages, which makes it relevant government departments are increasingly and professionals involved, and became the current field of research Semiconductors and hot spots in the lighting industry.

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