USB Internet Radio


<br />USB Internet Radio<br /><br />And provides more than 20, and radio stations 0.000 class in 56 species and 210 countries.<br />And user friendly interface, and allows the radio station to enjoy your favorite TV program with the mouse button.<br />A set of Favorites and History stations. Immediate access to favorite stations on any computer without any registration.<br />Dynamic web 2.0 voting system, and recommend the best station all up to you.<br />Updates automatically and a new program on-site stations.<br />Supports 16 languages and user interface.<br />Audio recording in WMA format to your hard drive. Record video in WMV format to your hard drive.<br />Current index for quality control in real-time Internet stream stability.<br />Customize your logo and banner in a commercial area of the campaign in the market.<br /><br />System Requirements:<br />CPU:<br />Intel Pentium III 700 or higher Intel Celeron 667 or higher<br /><br />AMD Athlon 3500 or higher<br /><br />Showing:<br />VGA<br /><br />Memory:<br />256MB or higher<br /><br />Free hard disk space:<br />Above 10MB<br /><br />Communication:<br />ADSL 1Mbps above recommended<br /><br />Port USB:<br />USB 1.1 or 2.0<br /><br />Operating System:<br />Windows 2000 Windows XP SP2 Windows Vista<br /><br />Browser:<br />IE6 IE7<br /><br />Windows Media Player:<br />Version 9 or above<br /><br /><br /><br /><br />Product Specifications<br />Compatible by<br />M FCC ROHS<br /><br />Operating temperature<br />0 to 60 C 32 degrees to 140 degrees Fahrenheit<br /><br />Is the temperature<br />20 to 60 C -4 to 185 F<br /><br />Product Package<br />Blister PET color insert card<br /><br />Product accessories<br />Quick Guide<br /><br />The color of the product<br />While the orange paint and a cover<br /><br />After<br />L: 4.9 W: 1.8 H: 0.9 cm<br /><br />Weight<br />About 14G<br /><br />Using the conditions<br />USB hot swap and LED status indicator<br /><br />Power requirement<br />USB-powered<br /><br /><br /><br />Contact Details:<br />Elaine Chow<br />Unipattern Digital Technology Shenzhen Co., Limited.<br />Tel: 86-755-8378 4200<br />Fax: 86-755-8378 4273

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