Visual CCTV Transmitterreceiver-1


<br />Key Specifications:<br />Video bandwidth: 8MHz<br />Supports PAL, NTSC and SECAM video formats<br />Video interface and data, with the triple thunder and lightning protection<br />10-bit digital code, and not to transfer video compression<br />Capabilities, and a large easy to escalate and expand<br />And supports non-destructive video regenerative relay, so that the video transmission of up to 100km and more<br />Supports advanced SNMP network management standard, and enables network video management after<br />And can force the development of indicators and LED video control system operating conditions<br />Wall or an independent and placed on-site monitoring, in the open air or in the middle<br />Video Features:<br />Video Interface: 8 channels of video data in addition to the positive way in reverse 1-1 - plus via Ethernet plus 1 in the direction of data and telephone 232422485<br />Video Interface Type: BNC<br />Video Input Output Impedance: 75 ohms unbalanced<br />Video input output voltage: Typical 1Vp-P peak to peak<br />Increase the difference: 10 to 90 APL, the Directorate General of 1 typical value<br />Phase difference: 10 to 90 APL, and DP 0.7 typical value<br />Tent area: 0.5<br />Video SNR weighted: S N ratio, 85dB maximum optical loss of the link<br />Environmental requirements:<br />Ambient temperature: -35 to 70 C<br />Storage temperature: -45 to 95 C<br />Relative Humidity: 0-95 RH non-cold-condensing<br />MTBF: 105 hours<br />Power consumption: 2.5W Input: 5V DC1A<br />He welcomed the OEM and ODM orders

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