Wbsl550 Feeder aluminum foil tape


<br />1. Device supports the new design for feeding sheets conjoined with the need for a one-stop is installed in the press to save the work, and easy to use.<br />2. In the steel frame is an integral whole structure, the type of overlay, the unit is stable and strong, and the system of feeding sitzerlan ensure stability.<br />3. Nutrition and convenient winding tension in the material, concise, and keep track of zero, free feeding, and appropriate adjustment of gas and oil with ease.<br />4. And the liquidation of the tension control system supports import magnetic powder brake, and a strong control in a timely manner can adjust the size of the tension, and can be adapted to work for a long time without gaps.<br />5. May feed the machine control system and the use of the controller, interactive and friendly interface or by a Siemens PLC programmable logic controller provides the ability high and the process, based on improving the flexibility of system configuration through the interface machine Siemens is the concept option, kind, intuitive, and strong positions contains language and arithmetic memory transfer function, etc.

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