Weleded Wire Mesh ISO9001: 2008


<br />High quality Wire Mesh Weleded ISO9001: 2008<br /><br /><br />We are supplying welded electrical wired galvanized or hot dropped, galvanized.<br />In the form of rolls or panels, for fences, construction and other industrial uses.<br />Enjoyed by the advantage of corrosion resistance compared with plain welded wire mesh. Mainly used for fence panels or fabricated to more of the sections wire, wire container panels, wire baskets and welded wire fences, poultry fences and other welded products.<br /><br />Application:<br /><br />In the field of construction in the form of a network of brick-promotion and welded bar gratings or wire mesh sandwich construction. And Group said from metadata Wire via sandwich Wire Mesh construction, which includes a group of wires the line, and a group of wires the line of and substance of barrier between the to get rid from the Group of of wires the font and a group of wires across welded. And joined to the group of of wires to the line of Group said of wires across at the points of the intersection, and across the a physical barrier, and thus secure the materials the barrier between the a group of wires the font and a group of wires the Cross.<br /><br /><br />Typical sizes:<br />58 "Q 58", wire measure the 18.19, 20, 21;<br />34 "x 34", wire gauge 16.17, 18, 19.20, 21;<br />1 "x 12" wire gauge 16.17, 18, 19.20, 21;<br />1-12 "x 1-12", the wire gauge 14.15, 16, 17.18, 19;<br />1 " 2", measure the wire 14, 15 and 16;<br />2 "Q 2", wire measure the 12.13, 14, 15.16<br /><br />Standard length of the roll: 30M; Display: 0.5M to 1.8m<br />Special sizes welded wire mesh is available in the request<br />Packaging: Packaging is seamless network in waterproof paper in rolls. Then in cans or in pallet.

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