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<br />Description<br /><br />Chirstmas Day is coming<br /><br />It was only this section of the child Santa Claus modeling and went on the market, and it is used to protect the environment and quality of materials Eva to make, outside made a hat and scarf, but it also has microcheiria plush, in reference to the embodiment Leave Rights to be unable to put down, in spite of Palace taller 16cm 15cm and the ability and was very large, in fact, the largest spot lighting is that to have a job lighting, and internal battery based on a button embedded is its source of energy, so as long as we derived on the basis segments certainly, after turning on the switch, it may glitter rays, the flashing colors of the three trading posts, and put dark places to be possible to give a visual impact that human dazzled too much, because it may use the button battery, and get rid of thereforeMay electrical wiring<br /><br />Of ice valve<br /><br />With button batteries: LR 411 5V 3

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