SV-R-2005GSM( GSM alarm report center)


Features£º 1. Caller ID display and alarm; caller tracing; 2.Automatic CONTACT ID£¬4+2 EXPRESS£¬4/2£¬4/1 and 3/1 policing call format identification; 3. Lightning-proof 4.Police call buzz reminding 5.Real-time telephone line status reminding 6. Real-time receiver software status reminding 7. Software setup for receiver function allowed 8. Supporting decimal or hexadecimal subscriber account number, with subscriber numbers exceeding 65,000 9.Operator and administrator passwords to ensure system security 10.Electronic map to allow automatic display of caller locations; optional individualized map functions for each subscriber 11.Subscriber local area map, enabling subscriber organization structure awareness and police force assignment scheduling 12.External map to display calling subscribers (map panel driver to be purchased separately) 13.Current subscriber disarming/arming status display 14. Self-definition of 3/1, 4/1 and 4/2 report codes 15. Amplifiable e-map 16.Automatic save, print, search, backup and restoration of police call data 17.Receiver control for automatic voice deletion in accordance with the police call categories 18.Disarming/arming and alarm reminding voice playing via sound card 19. Alarm status deal with,check and print data function 20.Exterior Receiver,communication in RS232 with PC,easy to install. 21.Receiving panel expandable to over 8-lines 22.Real-time timing, 300-pieces of calling information storage capacity (expandable to 1300 pieces) when the computer is power off 23. Backup battery to ensure operation in conditions without AC power 24.Alarm center can start alarm light and siren etc. 25.LCD time,alarm status and incoming telephon display 26.Can replay history alarm and dialed-in tetephone number 27.Received alarm status and dial-in telephone number can be saved even the power off. 28.Disarming/arming and alarm reminding voice playing via sound card 29.GSM alarm centers can send SMS to each other to make a alarm managerment network¡£ 30.User can send SMS to alarm,for help to make mute alarm. 31.SMS auto reply function to let user know alarm is successful or not 32.The SMS from user¡¯s alarm panel can be automaticly sent to user¡¯s mobile, guarder or police 33.GSM alarm center can send SMS to one or many receiver at the same time.this can be used to inform any news to users 34.Can receive GSM alarm panel¡¯s alarm message. 35. GSM alarm center can dial and answer telephone, and can be recharged.

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