Contact IC card


<br />Plastic contact IC card<br />SLE5542, SLE5528, 4442, 4428<br />ISO78167811 full color<br />3-8days delivery<br />1year warranty<br /><br />Plastic contact IC cards Siemens NXP 4442 4428 SLE5542 SLE5528<br />Advantage of the contact IC card, IC card, IC card and plastic<br />1 Card material: PVC, PP, PET<br />2 Card size: CR80 54 85 6MM, Custom size.<br />3 Color: White glossy, white matte, full color<br />4 Weight: 0.006kgpcs reference<br />5 Chip available: SLE5528, SLE5542, 4428, 4442, Atmel series 24C1624C6424C04.<br /><br />Disclaimer: These photos were submitted related to this product is for reference only. We do<br />Does not have any intellectual property rights on the brand s View dare not sell any products containing this these marks.

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