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<br />We are one of the manufacturer of the car lights led the United States in China. Led led we can supply fog lamps led, brake lights and the lights turned on, led tail lights, led lights license, led lights side effects, led lights signal, led backup lights, led lights dashboard, led the sector lights, led light bulbs during the day, he led led Top lights, reading lights, led lights, etc. work.<br /><br />1. Models as follows:<br />1. LED lights in the canbus<br />2. T5, T8, T11, T13, T15, T20, T25, S25, G4, BA9S, BA5S series<br />3. 1156.1157, 3156.3157, 7440.7443 series<br />4. High power LED lights<br />5. PCB LED lights<br />6. LED Lamps<br />7. LED lights festoon<br />8. LED bar lights<br />9. LED lights work<br />10. LED lights cruise day<br /><br />2. Voltage: 12VDC24VDC<br />3. Color: Red, yellow, blue, green, white<br /><br />If you are interested in our products, please contact us, and then we will offer you a price list.

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