FX-R Bi-Xenon lamps Projector Lens D2S


<br />Detailed Product Description 1.Bi-xenon HID xenon Projector Lens size 2.small fitable retrofit 3.the colored pieces 4.wide cover the FX-R Bi-Xenon lamps Projector Lens 1. The FX bi-xenon projector because he knows cut sharp and broad beam. We have a FX-R is an enhanced version of the OEM projector lens dual xenon. 2. She said we have FX-R Bi-Xenon lamps mounting holes in the light of all the four corners of that is suitable for installation when retrofitting. 3. The Authority aims to cut the minimum requirement to keep the compact and the convenience of re-processing 4. Has enhanced the FX-R Bi-Xenon lamps projection lens to create clear cut clearer and more colorful. 5. Been tuned FX-R Bi-Xenon lamps light shield for more uniform beam pattern spread all over 6. FX-R projector with high vibration resistance and high thermostability. 7. Praised the FX-R Bi-Xenon lamps offer because of a stable work performance, and long life. We are one of the oldest companies operating in the production of bulbs and export, which was established in Shanghai 1992 and then moved to the city of Guangzhou, China.At present, it is difficult to find some groups hid from ROVER BMW Land Class Audi Benz Lexus , but now, our company has nearly all of these high-end groups from China, including the Haile Bush Koito lens FX-R, Philips Matsushita Denso ballast Mitsubishi, Philips Osram lamp ....... I dare say we will measure the strongest in this area in China now.You find what I said was not exaggerated, if you know more about us.You will find our superiority obsolute an important aspect of price or quality. Hello to you to learn more About Us. We look forward to making cooperation with you.

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