E Euipment beauty of light with IPL


RF<br />E light IPL RF Working Principle<br />The application of radio frequency technology, Bi-polar IPL, the system works on the entire dermis layer, a layer of the skin and tissue under the skin. On the one hand, IPL destroys pigments sick by the impact of photothermolysis, and stimulates collagen and elastic fibers and gets on the effect of tightening and whitening, on the other hand, bio-polar RF release of about 10 wave radio MHz, high frequency vibration makes the skin and create a molecule thermal energy by friction, and when you reach temperature to 68 C -72 C, and expand the scope of collagens reproduce and re-compile and promote access to the impact of tightening the skin and remove wrinkles.<br /><br />E light IPL RF applications<br />Hair Removal<br />Skin Rejuvenation<br />Remove wrinkles<br />Freckle, removal of pigmentation<br />Vascular lesion, and remove red capillaries<br />E parameter of the light technology IPL RF:<br />RF electrical energy intensive: 10MHz<br />Light energy: 0-50Jcm2<br />Short pulse: 5-25J CM2<br />Pulse East: 5-35Jcm2<br />Long Pulse: 5-45 Jcm2<br />Spectra: 430-1200nm<br />Cooling: 0 C 15 C, adjustiable<br />Protect the safety of: impedance test<br />Spot size: 8 40mm2, 15 50mm2 optional<br />N. W.: 55kg<br />Dimension: 520mm 520mm 1050mm<br />Voltage: 110V 10, 50 60HZ, 230V 10, 50 60HZ<br /><br />E light IPL RF technology feature<br />1. Application of all the benefits of IPL Technology RF, bipolar, treatment effect is more pronounced<br />2.8.4 "TFT true color touch screen.<br />3. Heraeus Germany xenon lamp from 0.80000 to 100,000 shots<br />4. The convenience of a painless and non-invasive, traceless, no recovery period.<br />5. High efficiency of the processing time short, the effect of fast, long and maintenance.<br />6. Safety, with the cooling system of the dermis pertinency adjustable.<br />7. Double hand piece Real, human resources, and make treatment more targeted.

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