H20 Timber Beam


<br />To use the building. Download the film faced plywood. P<br />Made of wood, high-quality solid wood and plywood. P<br />About 5.6 to 6.6 kg per meter run. P<br />Treated by a water proof glue. WBP P<br /><br />Wood beams are manufactured ready-H20 in a range of sizes. Long lengths fingerjoining use to paste the lips, butt plug or toothed, tongue and groove or scarf configurations to paste the Web pages. Actual length is limited only by transportation restrictions P<br /><br />Resistant to rough handling and excessive use of a longer service life.<br /><br />Weight per meter run: 5.2 to 5.8 kg P<br />Mechanical specifications: P<br />Bending moment max.5 kN m P<br />Max cutting work 10.0KN P<br />Bending max1500 P<br />Live load 1.5 Max KNm2 P<br />Length in cm P<br />180 - 245-290 - 330-360 - 390-450 - 490-590 P

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