Productivity wood plastic composite decking in the open air


<br />Outdoor use of specific, easy to install, and free of paint, and low maintenance costs, density 30, and natural fibers by 60, 10 added.<br />1. Material: 30 natural fiber density 60 powder, wood powder, bamboo, etc.<br />10 additives anti-UV agent, antioxidant, stabilizers, pigments, etc.<br />2. Available color: natural wood, black, brown, red, yellow wood, and others.<br />3. Style: hollow and solid<br />4. Surface treatment available: wood grain and polished<br /><br />Excellent Feature:<br />1.Looks and feel like natural wood<br />2.Durable, anti-impact, wearproof, with high density<br />3.High the ability of resistance to ultraviolet light, and color stability<br />Resistant to moisture, termites 4.Highly<br />5.Easy to be installed and the low labor cost<br />6.Requires no painting, no glue, low maintenance costs.<br />7. 100, and the environment recyclable and friendly, and the provision of forest resources<br />Friendly 8.Barefoot, anti-slip, no cracking<br />9 Weather resistant, suitable degree of -40 C to 60 C<br /><br />Product application<br />1. LANDSCAPE<br />Outdoor Council of flooring, and the path of the bridge, and suites, garden and patio decoration<br />2. Decorative materials<br />Decor Council of the outer wall and internal division, and the floor surface,<br />3. TRANSPORATION<br />Railway sleeper, chipboard, decking platform, ship decking, isolation belt on the highway, and audio directory partition.<br />4. LOGISTICS<br />Pallets, and packaging materials.

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