Cut a large technical ceramics


<br />Appropriate: the high temperature, Wear resistance,<br />Resistance to corrosion,<br />Application: Semiconductor<br /><br />Types of components used in the ceramic ball valve, butterfly<br />And the types of valve control valve, such as the seal ring,<br />Ball, seat, lining, and so on.<br /><br />CIP, the cold isostatic pressing, is one of the processing of materials<br />Methods.<br /><br />It makes use of "change in the pressure<br />Quoted means is closed undiminished<br />To every part of the liquid, and on the surface of the fifty<br />The container. "Proposed by Blaise Pascal for the world of French.<br />And sealing materials in the form of a powder with a low<br />Deformation resistance, such as a bag of rubber for the application of liquid<br />The pressure. Then, the body is compressed molded unified<br />On the entire surface by transmitting fluid<br />The pressure.<br />Specifciations<br />Ceramic painting: 650 65 50mm<br />Ceramic rod: diameter 80mm, length 900mm<br />Ceramic tube: outer diameter 800mm, length 900mm<br />Ceramic flange ring: OD 800mm<br />Ceramic valve: OD 340mm<br />Application: Semiconductor

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