Butyl Acrylate


<br />Butyl Acrylate:<br /><br />Price: USD 2800-3000MT FOB Tianjin<br />Payment Terms: TT, LC glance<br />Delivery time: 7 days after the receipt of deposits<br />Mok: 14.4MT<br />Package: 180kgdrum; 80drumsContainer 1x20'FCL; 14.4MTContainer 1x20'FCL<br />Certificate of Analysis<br />Butyl Acrylate<br />CAS NO :141-32-2<br />Molecular formula: CH2CHCOOC4H9<br />Synonyms :2-Propenoic acid, butyl ester; Acrylic acid butyl ester N-<br />Technical document:<br />Item Specifications<br />The emergence of a clear, colorless liquid with a distinctive smell of fruit.<br />Purity GC 99,5 minutes<br />Water by weight, 0.05 maximum<br />Color APHA max 10<br />Acidity AS AA by weight, min 0.005<br />Inhibitor MEHQ by weight, ppm 15 5 as agreed upon between the buyer and seller<br />Butyl acrylate<br />Package: 180KGDrum, IBC tank

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