Grinding wheel series


<br />A resin grinding wheels:<br />1. Cup wheels<br />2. Fiber-reinforced resin bonded cut off wheels<br />3. Depressed center cutting wheels<br />B series of grinding wheel<br />1. Professional stainless steel pieces, and alloy steel<br />2. Professional cast steel pieces<br />3. Professional cast iron pieces, tool steel<br />4. Professional cutting non-ferrous metals, aluminum, copper and cast iron, bronze<br />5. Metal pipes and building professional bronze<br />6. Professional, granite, clay, steel, concrete, steel and stone<br />7. Cut rail and steel professional I - bar<br />8. Professional grinding stainless steel, alloy steel and steel fire extinguishers, steel and hard metal tool iron casting<br />9. Professional grinding common non-ferrous metal, aluminum, copper, stone, concrete, artificial<br />10. Professional grinding natural stone, artificial stone, concrete, glass, plastic, steel and brick is

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