Small flat-screen printer with vacuum table


<br />Name: Mini flat screen printing machine vacuum table<br />Model: HC-2030C<br />Speed: 600 800pcshr<br />Maximum printing area: 200 300MM<br />Power: 220v110v 50-60HZ<br />Air presssure: 5-7bar<br />Net weight: 120kg<br /><br />Field application:<br /><br />And adopted a mini flat screen printing machine with vacuum table genertator vacuum to deliver a strong adsorption energy without the noise. Replace the line screen printing, and solve the problems of printing quanlity of the United Nations and stable, and the slow speed of printing by screen printing guide. This device is small with the speed of a fast, stable job, precice high, and can be made of screen printing production line in small workshops. It is especially suitable for logo printing on the surface, PVC plate, and paper and the types of films<br /><br />Function introduction<br /><br />1. SCM IC coordinate light touch panel for programming work complile<br />2. Cars 4-digit counter in the building, count the amount of printing<br />3. Airframe based alloy coin, metal surface coating<br />4. Distyle constructure vertical, high precision, and operation of fixed<br />5. And can be modified and stroke transeversa, and spacing by Taiwan electronic switch<br />6. It can adjust the angle and ink scraper blades, which covers the randomly<br />7. Installation of equipment scraper constant pressure to make sure the pressure is constant when printing<br />8. You can organize your work and the table back and forth or left and right, and then link<br />9. You can organize under the screen back and forth, orientatio the right and the left or the level of<br />10. Vacuum table, stainless steel, and can accommodate the types of products film<br />11. Installation of the Central Election Commission insulating oil at the top and bottom, left and righ to avoid printing shocken<br />12. Machine is running fastly, steably and low noise.<br />13. Business model option: Fully semi-automatic directory<br />14. Start method: keyboard foot<br />15. Scraper pressure control: by pressure regulation valve<br />16. Vertical leadership style: Pneumatic<br />17. Transeversa leadership style: Pneumatic<br />18. Maxium Print area: 200 300M

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