Mobility Scoote J80 i


<br />Overall Dimentions LxWxH: 1560X690X1280 mm Weight without battery: 79 kg Top speed: 13 braking distance km h: 2.0 m dry surface Max Climbing slope: 15 degrees Ground clearance: 82 Capacity mm Weight: 205 kg Rated power for cars: 24V, 800W Controller: 24V to charge small batteries 120A: batteries 5A: 2 PCS of the weight of the battery 55AH: 34,3 kg braking system: Electric Regenerative braking and tires by the front brakes: 12 "X4.1" Pneumatic rear tires: 12 "X4. 1 "Antenna Type Seat: Luxury Color of seats available: black, gray, and the size of the seat of camels LxWxH: 570X520X710 780 mm Weight seat: 21kgs Container Packing: 33 PCS 20 GP 69 PCS 40 GP PCS 8240 HQ group for each change 48-55 km

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